*From 30 persons onwards

Barbeque Menu 01 (Rs.2700++)

Eggplant and Pineapple SaladPork ChopB.B.Q.Chocolate Mousse
Green Cucumber Celery Iceberg Ham
& Vegetable Salad
Lamb Shoulder ChopGarlic ButterFresh Fruit Salad with Rum Custard
Vegetable Fried RiceBoneless Chicken LegHollandaise
Pasta NavistaBockwurst SausagesChili Oyster
Prawn Skewers
Darn of Seer Fish
Vegetable Kebab

Barbeque Menu 02 (Rs.2500++)

Iceberg & Apple SaladPork ChopB.B.Q.Butterscotch Mousse
Cous Cous SaladLamb Shoulder ChopHollandaiseSeasonal Fresh Fruit Salad
Potato & Spring Onion SaladChicken LegLemon Butter
Stir Fried VegetableFish ParcelTeriyaki
Saffron Rice with GarlicBockwurst Sausages

Barbeque Menu 03 (Rs.2300++)

Cole Slow with Apple SaladBeef StakeGarlic ButterJelly with Custard
Hawaii Chicken SaladSea food KebabPepper SauceFresh Fruit Platter
Egg Fried RiceChicken Garlic sausagesB.B.Q Sauce
Vegetable Au- gratingPork Ribs

Barbeque Menu 04 (Rs.2000++)

Potato Salad with Spring OnionChicken sathePeanut sauceFresh Fruit Salad
Darn of seerHot Thai Sauce
Egg & Vegetable NoodlesPork Garlic sausageB.B.Q Sauce
Steam Rice

Bites Menu (1KG)

Chicken (Devilled or Stew or Fried)3,000
Beef (Devilled or Stew or Fried)3,000
Pork (Devilled or Stew or Fried)3,000
Lamb (Devilled or Stew or Fried)5,000
Fish (Devilled or Stew or Fried)3,000
Cuttlefish (Devilled or Stew or Fried)3,500
Prawns (Devilled or Stew or Fried)4,000
Sausages (Devilled or Stew or Fried)2,500
French Fries1,500
Fried Cashew Nuts5,000
Fried Peanuts3,000
Boiled Vegetables1,500
Fried Mushroom2,000
Fried Vegetable Tempura2,000

Buffet Menu 01 (Rs.2700++)

Mixed SaladPasta with Garlic Cream SauceChocolate Mousse
Aubergin in Pineapple SaladVegetable Fried RiceFresh Fruit Salad with Rum Custard
Grilled Chicken with Green Pepper Corn Sauce
Mixed Seafood in Tomato Cream Sauce
Pork Vindaloo
Assorted Mixed Vegetable Chop Suey

Buffet Menu 02 (Rs.2800++)

Fresh Garden Vegetable SaladPasta PrimaveraChocolate Mousse
Dutch Potato Salad with Bacon BitsRizi Bizi RiceHomemade Bread Butter Pudding
Eggplant & Pineapple SaladChicken CacciatoreFresh Fruit Salad with Rum Custard
Mixed Seafood Tomato & Cheese
Mini Beef Steak with Mushroom Sauce
Assorted Fresh Garden Vegetables

Canape Menu

Hot CanapeCooled Canape
Vegetable Sate50Cheese Canapé50
Smoke Beef Canapé70Mushroom and Spinach Keas50
Mini Chicken Sate70Chicken Liver Canapé50
Mini Beef Sate70Peach and Prunes Canapé50
Prawns Sate70Mix Vegetable Vol au vent50
Sausage Canapé70Chicken and Mushroom Vol au vent50
Ham Canapé70Mix Pepper and Prawns Vol au vent50
Salami Canapé70Egg Canapé50
Prawns Canapé50
Olive Tafanad and Chive50
Smoke Salmon Canapé70
Cream Cheese70

Continental Menu 01 (Rs.3200++)

Deluxe Hors D’oeuvre in MirrorFillet of Seer Fish SurpriseYoghurt Terrine with Blueberry Sauce
Smoked Pepper Beef SaladRoast Leg of New Zealand Lamb with Rosemary SauceAssorted Fresh Fruit in Mirror
 Salad WaldorfSaute Chicken with Black Pepper Corn Sauce Lemon Mirange Pie
 Prawn Alphonso SaladMixed Seafood Tangi
 Tossed Garden SaladPasta in Navista
 Bread & Butter
 Carvery Leg of Honey Baked Ham

Continental Menu 02 (Rs.3000++)

Deluxe Hors D’oeuvre in MirrorPan Fried Red Snapper with Berblano SauceBaked American Apple Pie with Vanilla Sauce
Sliced Smoked Chicken with Pickle GherkinSaute Chicken MaximillianHot Bread Pudding with Nuts & Golden Syrup
Florida SaladMedallion Beef with Sauce MadagasgerDark & White Chocolate Mousse
Tossed Garden Green SaladRoast Loin of Pork with Honey Mustara Sauce
Bread & ButterLyonnaise Potatoes
 Gratineted Vegetable with Cheese Sauce

Continental Menu 03 (Rs.3100++)

Deluxe Hors D’oeuvre in MirrorPrawn Oriental StyleAmaretto Mousse with Blueberry
Sliced Smoked Chicken with Pickle GherkinMustard Pepper ChickenTerrine of Dark & White Chocolate Parfait
Tossed Garden SaladBeef LasagnaAssorted Fresh Fruit in Mirror
Bavarian Potato SaladMutton Casserole
Crudites Platter with Avacado DipVegetable Paelia
Bread & ButterAssorted Garden Mixed Vegetables